You don’t know me (yet) but I might know you a bit…

You came to Spain to immerse yourself in Spanish, BUT ended up in the English speaking bubble

You stress anytime you can’t find the right words in Spanish

You feel worried about making mistakes 

You know a bunch of grammar, you understand what you read but you don’t feel fluent enough to speak Spanish

You don’t understand what people say because they speak too fast

OK, now It’s time to…

Imagine yourself as a fluent & confident Spanish speaker.

Some love from my students 

I finally was able to improve my fluency and confidence working with Erica. Her style -professional, positive and patient- is a great match for me and the flexibility to do classes from home really suits my lifestyle



Her ability to speak perfect English allows her to understand the perspective of native English speakers in their process of learning Spanish.
She knows the mistakes native English speakers are prone to making and can explain to you why you’re making this mistake



What Erica does so well in her lessons is giving confidence to the student. Even though I lived in Spain for half a year the lessons with Erica were the only times I really felt comfortable speaking Spanish



Any questions? I'm here to help you

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I’m based in downtown Madrid (Spain)


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