Let me guess…

  • You came to Spain thinking you would finally immerse yourself in Spanish but you ended up living in the English speaking bubble
  • You feel frustrated anytime you try to practice your Spanish and Spaniards switch to English!
  • You feel embarrassed about your pronunciation and worried about making mistakes
  • You feel stuck after having the same 10 min basic conversation over and over. You just don’t know what to talk about! 
  • You feel silly when trying to give your thoughts and opinions and can’t seem to find the right words!
  • You know some grammar, you understand what you read but you can’t understand native speakers because they speak so fast and you don’t feel fluent enough to be part of the conversation
  • You feel like left in conversations because of cultural barriers: you seem not to get the jokes, you didn’t get that idiom, they talk about a person, a place, a thing you’ve never heard of before.


I’m Erica, the “Sipping Spanish” and I help brave & busy students to become more fluent and confident Spanish speakers. 

I’m a native speaker from Spain, fully qualified , an experienced Spanish teacher AND specialist in teaching Spanish to native Eglish speakers.

I’ve been teaching Spanish since 2006 and I LOVE to see my students improve their language skills ,lose their fear of speaking, become active in conversations and finally make meaningful connections with Spaniards.

But, hold on. I’m not JUST a Spanish teacher 

 I ‘m here to support you and your journey


☞ All materials included

All ages and levels are welcome

Permanent contact with me (email, WhatsApp, Telegram)

☞ You will get a monthly written feedback including: your mistakes and related corrections, better expressions / vocabulary to sound more native , specific exercises to work on your weakest grammar points that you can do independently so you improve in and out the classroom

 A 15 min monthly FREE coaching session to hear out your fears, to talk about your progress, to examine your weakest points….


The fear of making mistakes and the lack of confidence  are one of the reasons why a lot of students do not dare to talk with natives.

I’m your Spanish teacher if you want to…


Practice your spoken Spanish with topics that are relevant and useful to you

 Reduce your accent / Improve your pronunciation

 Gain confidence and converse spontaneously with locals

 Improve your fluency

 Fix your mistakes to improve your speaking and listening skills

Build grammar & vocabulary while speaking Spanish

Understand Spanish at its natural speed

  Lose yours fears and insecurities about speaking

 Get to know the Spanish language & culture from a native speaker’s perspective

Stress less and enjoy  having a Spanish conversation

 Optimize your time

 Get personal support: a teacher that cares about your and your Spanish outside the classroom too


WELCOME PACK? Yes, please!

In my first lesson with me, you will get a bunch of selected goodies to refresh and boost your Spanish from day 1.

This includes the following:

Cindy says…

After taking years of group lessons, I finally was able to improve my fluency and confidence working with Erica. She structured each class to my needs which enabled me to speak Spanish in a natural and useful way.

She is always super prepared with materials and exercises that are interesting for me. This customization ensures that I am not only perfecting the structure of my sentences and using correct grammar but also learning helpful new vocabulary.

Erica’s style- professional, positive and patient- is great match for me and the flexibility to do classes from home via Skype really suits my lifestyle.  


Colorado, USA

A free lesson always sounds good. But Let’s face it. What’s next? How much do you charge for your services?


Clean & Clear


Free Trial


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35 €

1 LESSON (50min)

100% personalized 

All resources included


125 €

5 LESSONS (50min/lesson)

100% personalized

All resources included

Permanent contact with me


SAVE 50€

200 €

10 LESSONS  (50min/lesson)


All resources included

Permanent contact with me


15min FREE MONTHLY COACH session

with Erica

SAVE 150€




  • A student can start a Spanish course anytime.
  • If you have never studied with me before, you must take the free trial lesson before buying any paid lessons.
  • After making the payment, Sipping Spanish will not make any refunds under any circumstances. 
  • CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULE POLICY: Students may cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before the lesson begins with the option to reschedule within the current month  AND if the teacher has availability. If a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours before the lesson begins, the lesson will be charged and will not be rescheduled. If the teacher cancels the lesson, even less than 24hours, the student has the right to reschedule it.
  • LATE POLICY: I will wait up to 10 minutes after the class start time, after which the lesson will be forfeited and payment will still be due.
  • All paymets involve the acceptance of all Terms & Conditions.