What some of my students say about me

After taking years of group lessons, I finally was able to improve my fluidity and confidence working with Erica. She structured each class to my needs which enabled me to speak Spanish in a natural and useful way.

She is always super prepared with materials and exercises that are interesting for me. This customization ensures that I am not only perfecting the structure of my sentences and using correct grammar but also learning helpful new vocabulary.

Erica’s style- professional, positive and patient- is great match for me and the flexibility to do classes from home via Skype really suits my lifestyle.  



When I began with Erica I was an absolute beginner however had lived in Spain for several months so I had acquired random vocabulary without the ability to use it in a proper sentence.

Erica has really helped me with practicing and perfecting my Spanish grammar. She’s a very patient teacher as she understands that learning a new language is quite a process and can be difficult.
She’s very accommodating of the learning style you’re most comfortable with and will design lessons to cater to your person preferences and learning style. For example,  it’s really important for me to write things out in order to learn and Erica makes sure she emphasizes writing activities in our lessons as well as incorporating listening and speaking ones.

Lastly an extremely valuable skill of Erika is her level of English. Especially for beginners it is vital to have a teacher who can explain the reasoning and grammar structures in your native language. Her ability to speak perfect English allows her to understand the perspective of native English speakers in their process of learning Spanish.
She knows the mistakes native English speakers are prone to making and often can explain to you why you’re making this mistake. This has been essential to my progress of learning Spanish.  I highly recommend Erika to anyone who is trying to learn Spanish for beginning to advanced learners and every level in between. 



Erica’s spanish clases were very helpful to me.

My situation is a bit unique in the sense that I was born in Spain but moved when I was very young and have spent most of my life abroad, so I have lost a bit of my spanish. I don’t fit under one category for my level of spanish as I am advance spanish yet still struggle with certain elements of the language. I had looked into group clases but could never find one that catered to my specific needs. Having one on one clases with Erica made it possible to focus on the areas I had trouble in.

What I liked most was that she was able to explain my mistakes speaking Spanish, especially why I made them. She understood my thought process switching from American English to Spanish and therefore explained concepts in a way that made me understand what I was doing wrong. She had various resources available on hand and was always prepared for the class. I would definitely recommend her as she is personable yet profesional at the same time!



I have been having weekly lesson with Erica, via Skype, since April 2018. I had wanted to learn Spanish for a while but I didn’t think I had any talent for it so I had some trepidation taking lessons.

However, Erica’s style, energy, enthusiasm and unlimited patience mean I have enjoyed learning and feel enthused to keep going.
I am not sure I would have the confidence to keep going with another teacher.

Also, as well thinking I did not have a talent for learning languages, I did think my hearing problem would prevent me from learning very much in any event; however, Erica has the patience and energy (and a problem solving and positive attitude) to help me overcome this hurdle.
The lessons are fun and varied, with plenty of emphasis on pronunciation, not just vocabulary, which is great.



I first started working with Erikah back in 2014 when I first moved to Madrid. My Spanish was very limited and I was extremely nervous but Erica’s super-friendly demeanor made me feel at ease immediately.

 She is  always ready to listen to what your goals are for the lessons and will accommodate for them whilst still being honest about what she feels is the most effective route to get a good grasp of the language. I think this is a key attribute of a great teacher. 

She is able to adapt lessons spontaneously, for example if she has prepared an activity and it becomes apparent that it’s too difficult she can think on her feet, recognising immediately where the difficulties lie and explaining the basic concepts you are missing in order to progress and she does all of this without judgement.

She is very keen on having you do the talking as much as possible which is great.

I would highly recommend Erica  as your Spanish teacher! My Spanish has improved tenfold over the years!

Hazel L


What Erica does so well in her lessons is giving confidence to the student. Even though I lived in Spain for half a year the lessons with Erica were the only times I really felt comfortable speaking Spanish.

I was always looking forward to her classes and I have recommended her as a teacher to my Spanish struggling friends.

She is professional and patient. Her classes are mixed between fun, creative exercises and ambitious grammar studies – whatever you are looking for, Erica has got it!



I need everyone to know how amazing of a professor Erica is. She was my teacher for like 6 months and now I can say “Sí, puedo hablar español”.

If you are thinking about taking her class, think no more she is your girl. She’s patient, knowledgeable, and overall a great person.

We had the best laughs which always made class even that much better. Please do yourself a favor and take her class! 



I have had the pleasure of having Erica as my teacher for online lessons in Spanish language with the avowed aim of being able to read “Hundred years of Solitude” by Gabriela Garcia Marquez in original Spanish. And after two years of lessons I am almost there!

Erica is an excellent teacher.She is erudite and knowledgeable and as such has the ability to use a mix of formal grammar and other texts to equip students with the necessary ability to learn and progress in learning the language.
She is dedicated to teaching and as such comes well prepared for each lesson keeping in mind the current level and interest of the students.
But most importantly, Erica is understanding and compassionate which makes her a great teacher. I can recommend her wholeheartedly for all levels of instruction in Spanish language.



Let me start off by saying I am a nightmare of a student. Atypical, stubborn, and easily distracted.

If I had to distill my praise for Erica’s prowess into one phrase, it would be that she uses your worst habits to bring out the best in you. Every class, I find myself not only learning Spanish, but learning about the ways in which I learn. With a flexible, relaxed, and tailored approach that hardly ever feels like a lesson, she not only betters you; you feel empowered to use what you’ve learned.

So much of language learning is crossing the threshold at which you feel confident speaking to a native speaker alone. Through lots of work with her, it gradually and finally happened.

Learning Spanish is really tough. The difference is, with Erica, you know where you stand, and where you need to improve. And neither of those feels impossible, or overwhelming. Her ability to assess & adjust to your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies is a marvel.

She is as fun as she is funky. She is as excellent as she is eclectic.

If you’re even remotely curious about Spanish, whether just getting started or looking to master the language, I suggest you take a sip.



I met Erica during my first time living abroad. I arrived thinking I was a Spanish expert and would be able to communicate with anyone easily, but quickly realized I had learned close to nothing in my Spanish classes in school. It was incredibly frustrating to not be able to make a simple order in a restaurant, so I decided to get a private teacher. We met a few hours a week during my three month stay, and Erica’s classes helped me improve drastically. Her lessons were fun, dynamic and very personalized for my learning style. She really helped me to enjoy learning Spanish as well. After I left Spain, I continued online classes with her because she was so great! Erica has helped me boost my confidence when communicating in Spanish, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish skills.

Kristina W


I started to take classes with Erica in 2019 while I was living in Madrid. During my five months in Madrid, I had a private intensive course with eight hours per week and Erica pushed my Spanish from a beginner to an intermediate level.
I really enjoyed going to classes and see improving my Spanish every day.
Erica always was prepared for the classes, and she also adapted to my wishes. She has a huge knowledge, which made it fun to talk about several topics, when my Spanish had improved already.
We had great fun during the time and my Spanish improved so fast.
So if you´re still doubting, I absolutely can recommend taking classes with her and at least give her a try.